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Interactive motion graphics with TOOLL3

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Interactive motion graphics with TOOLL3
Tooll 3 is an open source software to create realtime motion graphics. We are targeting the sweet spot between real-time rendering, graph-based procedural content generation and linear keyframe animation and editing. This combination allows…

- artists to build audio reactive vj content
- use advanced interfaces for exploring parameters
- or to combine keyframe animation with automation

Technical artists can also dive deeper and use tool for advanced development of fragment or compute shaders or to add input from midi controllers and sensors or sources like OSC or Spout.

Get the latest version from:
A short overview video of the software:

If you have questions or feedback, please join us on discord:

We will cover...

Setup and installation
Introduction to the user interface
Procedural animation
Keyframe animation
Images effects
3D effects
Setups for VJ acts and connecting OSC, Midi, etc
Building an executable

For advanced users we will show ...

How to write compute and pixels shaders
How to write new Operatirs with c#


You need to print a Windows desktop or notebook with a good graphics cards (Sorry, no Macs) and probably a mouse. We have plenty of displays.

You can prepare by downloading and installing these requirements If this looks too intimidating, don't worry, we can do this together on-site.
If you're curious, you can also bring Midi-Adaptors or other sensors.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

- We need a projector with HDMI connection and a power outlet
- A speaker system would be great but is not required.

What the artists brings

I don't know what is meant by "with the artists", but we will bring...
- one notebook
- two midi controllers
- some sensors and cameras
- a keyboard
- a mouse

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Germany Berlin


LPM 2023 Münster
LPM 2023 Münster
Thursday, 13 April 2023