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INVERSION (The Sound of Isolation) — Petukhina Kristina
audio-video art, performance

In a video made with 1 iPhone photo, 13 Instagram masks, and my track, I, without leaving the house, of course, reflected my coexistence, a form of contact, in quarantine lockdown with my neighbors.

During this difficult period of isolation, I was left alone with my neighbors in a new building. Every day they drill into all the walls and it seems already into my head.

My hearing transforms.

I took my violin, Octatrack, Korg, Kaoss Pad — and we played together like an industrial orchestra. Through this experiment, you heard the noise of repair in a new way.

Now, this is the music.



The work can be exposing in a few formats to choose from:
1) Photo and sound (headphones or 2 bass speakers).
2) Video on iPhone or TV panel (to be used vertically) or projection to a wall and sound (headphones or 2 bass speakers).
3) Live art format or live performance with synthesizers live music and with my violin, with strobe light show and a digital artist with drills and drilling structures with different sound and lights effects on a stage.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

● 1,5 m wide table space
● The sound card for mac os high sierra and with a microphone in
● 1 Microphone
● 2-3 Contact Microphone
● 1 drill
● 1 staboscope
● Stereo outs (2x1/4” Jacks)
● Sound monitors (aimed on the scene)
● 4 electricity sockets 220V
● 15 minutes for preparation
● 1 head sculpture from 40 cm (gypsum, plastic, wood - negotiable)

What the artists brings

iPhone, violin, Octatrack, Korg, Kaoss Pad and drills

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Petukhina Kristina
Petukhina Kristina

Russia Sochi