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Resolume Wire Workshop [150 €]

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Resolume Wire Workshop [150 €]
Resolume DEVELOPERS TEAM would like to welcome you to the Resolume Wire Workshop. The workshop is for the total beginner as for seasoned pro. We look forward to meeting you in person!

Resolume Wire is the modular node-based patching environment for Resolume Arena and Avenue.

With Wire you can create your own effects, video-generators, blend modes, mixers, transitions, tools and much more!

Day 1: Introduction to Wire - Learn the basics of Resolume Wire in a playful setting with a heavy emphasis on experimentation
Day 2: Instancing - Why play with single shapes when you can have dozens? Today we'll focus on Wire's instancing system that allows you to get complex results.
Day 3: Integration - We teach you how to combine Resolume Wire and Resolume Arena to create your own plugins, effects, sources, mixers, blend modes and tools.
Day 4: Individual Project - On the final day you work on your own project with the help of the Resolume developers!

- Bring your own laptop with Resolume installed
- Language will be English.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

- 1 Monitor 50"

What the artists brings


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Netherlands The Hague


LPM 2021 Apulia
LPM 2021 Apulia
August 26 // 29 2021