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Open Call ISEA2022

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ISEA, International Symposium on Electronic Art, is one of the most important annual events worldwide dedicated to the crossroads where art, design, science, technology, and society meet.

As it has travelled the globe over the years, ISEA has served as a meeting point for artists, scientists, technologists and theorists to share their research along with their latest prototypes, technological developments or artistic works linked to science and technology.

What makes ISEA unique is that it is not so much an academic conference as a conference-based event that offers a wide array of activities, which surprise visitors with newly conceived formats in every edition.

At the symposium you are sure to find exhibitions, workshops, open-air projects, round tables, talks from artists, school initiatives and a variety of other activities, all with the involvement of different organisations and communities from the city of Barcelona.

ISEA2022 Barcelona invites artists, designers, scholars, researchers, educators, innovators and creators to contribute to this growing discussion about our world of possibles –not only opening up an unfinished world of futures, but also the possible presents and pasts– and to address it through following sub-themes:

Humans and Non-humans
Natures and Worlds
Futures and Heritages
Educations and Societies

Deadline: October 2021