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Hidden noises in narrow alleys, forgotten signs in urban backyards, and forlorn places around the world were what led to "1997-2017". Ombra Elettrica's urge to explore is best symbolized by one of the farthermost traveling objects ever made: Cassini spacecraft. With “1997-2017” she explores the tension between our information-distorted life on Earth and the dark, mysterious void Cassini is vanishing into.

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What is needed

I bring:
MacBookPro 15’’; Livid OHM RGB; Audio Interface.

Projector: 16:9 Standard HD at least + white screen; HDMI or VGA input (+1 VGA to Thunderbolt adapter); 2 mono balanced (TRS) cables to pick up the stereo feed (mix) from the FOH/stage mixer.
70x70 cm space on a table.

I also need to stand close to the music performer.

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Ombra Elettrica
Ombra Elettrica

Germany Berlin


LPM 2018 Rome
LPM 2018 Rome
June 08 // 07 2018

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