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Andrea Marinelli_SECRETSHOW
SECRETSHOW is a Concert and a Visual composition totally improvised.
SECRETSHOW search through digital languages and etnographical cultures.


It is in continuous development, site-specific, everytimes different.
It is a Babbel of vocal fragments from different cultures and languages mixed with a LIVE electronics setup. I search into different vocals expressions from melodies to language melodies, from aincient cultures to contemporary vocal path.
Visual is a LIVE superimposition of transparent paper photo prints. I mix aincient cultures and digital cultures, photos of etnographical scultures and photos took from the TV screens and digital screens. Completely original A/V materials.

I work for private enviroments (home, bathroom, kitchen etc.) then MUDEC cultures Museum Milan, Sonnenstube (sw), VillaCroce Museum Genoa, SilentDisco Milan, SocialMusicCity, ELEVA Fest (it), Bluenote Milano, Hangar Bicocca etc.
The project performed at SONORITIES Festival for art and technologies Queens University (BELFAST, uk) etc.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

The SECRETSHOW tech is simple. I need a stereo PA with right dimensions to cover the enviroment.
In case of house concert i bring my own spekers.

The volume is right to the place. Burning power for festival stages and next to a home cdplayer for houseconcert.

I will project directly on the walls and architectures if is possible.
In case of open air festival i need a projection suface on the americanas.
Other simple rules by direct contact.

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  • Experimental Electronics
Andrea Marinelli
Andrea Marinelli

Italy Milano


LPM 2018 Rome
LPM 2018 Rome
Saturday, 09 June 2018

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