Animating your star

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Animating your star
The animation workshop "Animating your star" offers kids the chance to design and compose their first animated creations.
Kids do not need a prior knowledge to learn the secrets of the moving image, with the help of experienced animators. The program provides kids with a unique opportunity to "travel" through the history of animation and to compose their own artwork. At the end of the workshop, the families are invited to share their e-mail if they would like to receive the animation made by their kids.
The idea is to let children learn and produce their first animated videos.

The program of the workshop will be adjusted according to the age of participating kids.

A specially designed kids program at FOTONICA will give the younger attendants a chance to watch stunning animations by artists from all around the world. In addition to their recreational role, animations promote values, such as family, environmental consciousness, multiculturalism, diversity and friendship. The purpose of the screenings is to highlight the above mentioned ideals through amusing and interesting stories.

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December 09 // 09 2018