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Aural is an interactive sound experience that allows participants to “hack” their electromagnetic field.

Through the physical interaction with the light sculpture, participants designs a soundscape which they are able to modify in real-time. Creating a feedback loop of action and reaction between the physical and energetic body, the emitted frequencies provoke a state of deep relaxation. Therefore permitting the participant to design their “Aura”.

The initial concept of this project was to be able to visualize a user's aura. We grew interest in the study of alchemy and decided to find a way to transform light into sound.

We started investigating on electromagnetic fields and how brain waves react to certain stimulations, experiencing later a “Gong Bath” guided by Vikrampal - (Vikreative). Fascinated by the idea that sound could alter your state of conscience, we reinterpreted this oriental musical percussion practice through an experimental perspective.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

A dark room (minimun 2x2x2 mt)
1 Projector (6000 lumens)
1 webcam
1 computer
1 hazer smoke machine

What the artists brings

1 pc 1 webcam

  • AV Installation



España Barcelona