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Thematically, the installation deals with the soul or the deeper meaning of an abstract oil painting. That which lies behind or "beneath" the painting is brought to life in the installation and now responds to the viewer for the first time. What until now could only be interpreted and discussed as meaning metaphorically by viewers is now alive and can actively give something back to the visitors. In addition, the question is raised as to the nature of the behavior of the underlying. For this purpose, the concept of proxemics by Edward T. Hall was applied to the digital installation.

Proxemics, as a branch of psychology and communication science, studies and describes signals of individuals that they exchange by taking a certain distance from each other. Just like animals and people, the Abstract Oil Painting has different proxemic zones that result in different behaviors. Thus, the painting begins to become detuned and rougher in visual structure the closer one gets to the painting. If the visitor gets too close and waves his hands around too fast, the painting reacts aggressively and lets the viewer know this both visually and auditorily.
Much like when visitors want to get too close or even touch the painting while viewing it.

The visual part is programmed in vvvv software and the audio part is created in VCV-Rack. The tracking is done by a Kinect v2.0.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

For any technical questions about how to realise the project I am happy to answer any questions and talk about how to solve problems or how to make it possible under the circumstances and technical possibilities at the live performers meeting

1x truss from the ceiling --> to hang the projectors
1x big projection screen or a projection surface like a huge white wall in the format 32x9 to project onto --> ( the best would be a back projection in combination with ultra short throw projectors if you would have some of those)
2x active speakers
2x XLR cables
2x long HDMI cables or something like an HDMI extender to manage big distances from the projector to the PC
1x USB 3.0 extender --> to get from the Kinect to the PC

What the artists brings

I have a lot of the equipment here at my place but the problem would be how to bring all of that from Berlin to Münster. Feel free to contact me and discuss solutions :)

2x Espon Eb 2250 u

Depth Cam:
1x Kinect v2.0

Ryzen 5900x
Rtx 3080

Focusrite 8i6

  • AV Installation


Lucas Grey
Lucas Grey

Germany Berlin