Blending in to opensim

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Blending in to opensim
In the performance that blends in to my motto "learning from the elders" I show the state of the art in interactive walkable 3D environments. I will present:

A view behind the 3d installment "Obedience" at Jewish Museum Berlin [opening end of May 2015] on Linden Lab (SL1) technology, by Peter Greenaway, Saskia Bodeke, Bryn Oh and others.

The Moonrezzer, a final show of 40 prim and sculpt artists [ending June 30, 2015] using SL1 technology with reaches the end of a proprietary existence and opens to the opensource community. As a surprise the Robot out of the Forbidden planet Altair will be reborn and speak in 174 languages..

The Colliseum and The Moon - a walk back and forward in time using Metaharper technology [screen control]

Cloudrezzer, Mondrian Machine - parameter art of 1979 reborn in 2015

Soulrezzer - Personality Capture and Emulation for 2047, starting June 2015 at LEA14 [based on Prof. Sims Bainbridge], printed in Moonrezzer part 3 [May 2015]

Vulcanicus, a conservation of Digital Art

Recoding Art - The Beginning started unter MIT/open licence with Processing

The material provided was never shown before in public. Main contributors:
Video maker [machinima] is WizardOz Chrome from Milano. Scripter Qnav What from Foundation of Programmed Art Munich. Roman amphitheatre made by Exy, Cheltenham (UK), The Moon [The Algebraist] made by Giovanna Cerise, Napoli, Art Blue, London and Met Knelstrom, Berlin.

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What is needed

Data projector, big screen.

I tried to condense the account with this…/performances/blending-in-openworld

but did not make it. I could not book as Recoder :(

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Germany Munich


LPM 2015 Rome
LPM 2015 Rome
May 30 // 29 2015

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