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Body Hub
In the last years we observe an increasing amount of audiovisual projects collaborating with bodies and movement, but most of the time, artists who are coming from a tech path haven't a knowledge about how body works, moves and where it could stretch beyond imagination.

Body Hub is an open space dedicated to body practices, over crossing disciplines and art formats. It's a meeting point where people can find collaborators, approach the body from different sides, learning, sharing, proposing, asking for a support in terms of theory and practice.

It's a place for performance professionals as well as for professionals coming from other fields looking for a specific knowledge connected with body, movement, dancing, acting, healing (for ex. To develop a new game project or an animation effect etc etc).

During LPM 2016 in Amsterdam the dancer and Choreographer Livia Marques will hold this laboratory during 3 sessions of 1 hour and half per day. The lab is open to whoever would like to join.

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I need a place where to gather people and when it's possible to move for 1hour and half a day. Possibly with bare feet.

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Netherlands Amsterdam


LPM 2016 Amsterdam
LPM 2016 Amsterdam
Thursday, 12 May 2016 | 15:00 > 17:00
Friday, 13 May 2016 | 15:00 > 17:00
Saturday, 14 May 2016 | 15:00 > 17:00
Sunday, 15 May 2016 | 15:00 > 17:00
Tolhuistuin | TUINZAAL Lectures | Amsterdam, Netherlands