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BreaRth is a series of interactive paintings representing still lifes reinterpreted in a contemporary way, which draws the eye to current geo-ecological-political problems, empowers the viewer while soothing and giving hope.

Hanging on a wall and bathed in subdued light, a screen surrounded by a wooden frame immediately evokes the idea of a painting.
Indeed, it shows what looks like a still life. But the elements of the composition are rotten, faded, melted.
As the user approaches and observes the painting, it comes to life: the petals fly away to attach themselves to their stems, the rot fades and the fruits regain their colors. A long inspiration is heard.

After a few seconds, inspiration comes to an end and gives way to regular breathing. The images follow this back and forth: the composition dies for a few seconds then reinvigorates, each time going further into the living.
The rhythm of the breaths is taken from “cardiac coherence”, a breathing technique that helps in the management of stress, anxiety and emotions; further improving concentration.
In 2016, a study conducted by Microsoft Corp. on Canadian participants, reveals that the proliferation of screens, social networks, and the number of hours spent skipping information had reduced our level of attention. The average attention span has gone from 12 seconds in 2000, to 8 seconds in 2016. One second less than goldfish.
The principle of this technique is simple: inhale and exhale for 5 seconds. By watching the paint “breathe”, the user tends to synchronize their breathing to this rhythm. Looking at the work helps him focus, but above all calms him down.

Through the symbolism of its pictorial composition, “BreaRth” draws the user's attention
to environmental issues.

Through its interactivity, it confronts the public with its responsibilities, invites it to
question its commitment.

Through the rhythm of its animation, it soothes the user and inspires confidence.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

“Brearth” is a series of interactive paintings.

Each one of them is composed of an all-in-one computer, placed in a dedicated support
frame, brought by the artists.

Size : around 70cm * 45cm * 12cm
Weight : 5kg

The frame is hanged at eye level. Either with a fixing system in the wall (screws or hooks),
or hung using a specific system.

Each frame must be supplied with 230V electric power.

The installation must be placed in a room with a minimum of light so that the detection
system can pick up the spectators.

What the artists brings


  • AV Installation


Boris Wilmot
Boris Wilmot

Belgium Brussels