Eccetra Ancilla Domini - performance

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Eccetra Ancilla Domini - performance
Eccetra Ancilla Domini was born from an in-depth anthropological research in the field of Sardinian and Sicilian folk music and of musical instruments of animal origin. This installation-performance conveys, according to a precise syncretistic artistic will, different anthropological heritages: from certain Moroccan wedding dresses symbolizing the dowry of the brides who wear them, to the vestments of the Orthodox priests, from the wooden structures of the Sevillian Madonna to the decorations of Sicilian carts, and from Fellini's costumes to the aesthetics of certain Madonna's cults.
The main object of the work is a zither built entirely by hand on a cow basin, activated by the artist through a semi-static performance, made of slow movements, real accents performed by Armenia, wearing clothes specially made. Moreover, the decorations of the costume and the instrument are inspired by Sicilian craftsmanship, in this case, chromatically rendered bloodless compared to the repertoire offered by the best known tradition. The work also hides some esoteric references, such as the inscription on the inner part of the zither "Every thought flies", with reference to the initiatory journey planned by Vicino Orsini to the Sacro Bosco di Bomarzo.
The work will be completed by an audio installation created by the artist in collaboration with some musicians working in electronics.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

A room not too big. 4/5 meters per side max. Or a niche.
⁃ Stereo speaker (min 20 watts), with jack for mp3, wire jack for mp3 (only in case the artist can not have the musicians live in the following).
⁃ In the event that the environment does not have a warm yellow and warm light, two spotlights or LEDs light yellow.
⁃ Room in which you can change and prepare before the performance.
⁃ Stool or chair.

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Eccetra Ancilla Domi
Eccetra Ancilla Domi

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