EDMT Experience

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EDMT Experience
EDMT Experience is an audio visual journey through the vastness of universe inside of our minds. A series of surreal generative scenes forges a new reality beyond our physical world. This VJ set is programmed in Unity game engine and performed by Fader.

The way we perceive our world is dominated by our sense of sight and sound. These are the most two important senses of the 5 that we posses. When we dream, we rarely remember the touch, smell, or taste. That is because sight and sound dominate how we construct the reality in our memory. We are able to imagine the vastness of the Universe and even take ‘mind’ trips exploring it. How can all this take place inside of heads the size of a coconut?

Our computers are exponentially faster where singularity can be achieved possibly in our lifetime. Through powerful computer networks, one day we will be able to construct a virtual universe within our physical universe. Think of it as the next ‘big bang’. You will be able to ‘dive’ in and choose a new reality like picking a movie or video game title. What type of reality would you want, what kind of power would you posses? If this is true, it would probably cost a fortune.

You are invited to join Fader’s EDMT Experience at LPM Amsterdam 2017 as we journey through artificially constructed audio reactive scenes, accompanied by specially selected playlist including genres such as Trip Hop, IDM, and Tribal Trap.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

This is a VJ performance set with pre-selected music playlist. Please assign this VJ set in the main performance space, preferably the last set of the day in the evening.

- 10K+ HD projector
- HDMI output from Laptop
- Small desk and chair
- Sound system

  • VJ Set
  • Generative
  • Electroacoustic
VJ Fader
VJ Fader

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LPM 2017 Amsterdam
LPM 2017 Amsterdam
Friday, 19 May 2017 | 01:50 > 02:20
RADION Amsterdam | Main Room DJVJ | Amsterdam, Netherlands

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