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figura luminis
figura luminis is an AV performance that illustrates the nature of primitive shapes and animated forms as they transition from two to three dimensions.

The space between the performer and the observer acts as the canvas for the projection show. Haze captures shapes in a state of transformation, rendered as brilliant rays of light suspended in the air, dancing to the experimental audio composition.

The performance is titled figura luminis, latin for 'shape of light'.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

Two projectors

The projectors should be placed on stage behind and either side of me, pointed at the audience. The stage should be filled with haze.

Resolution of projectors is not important, they just need to be as bright as possible. At least 5000 lumens. They should be the same model with the same lens in order to achieve good symmetry. They can be 4:3 or 16:9, I just need to know the aspect ratio before the event.

A hazer is better for this type of projection effect than a typical fog machine, because it shows clear defined shapes and lines beaming out into the audience from the projector. Fog also works, but the texture interrupts the sharpness of the shapes more than haze.
Password: unbalanced

My performance uses the same haze projection effect that I recently developed for a pop band's stage show. My performance will however will exclude the LED bars seen in the clip, use only two projectors, and the audio will of course be experimental techno / sound design instead of pop.

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C Schneider
C Schneider

Germany Berlin


LPM 2017 Amsterdam
LPM 2017 Amsterdam
Thursday, 18 May 2017 | 19:35 > 19:55
RADION Amsterdam | Main Room | Amsterdam, Netherlands

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