HeavyM workshop

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HeavyM workshop
This workshop is made for people who wants to learn projection mapping from the beginning, and quickly use it for basic projects.

HeavyM is a ready-to-use projection mapping software developed by Digital Essence, a young team based in France. HeavyM adapts your video content on volumes with an intuitive interface, and it can generate real time graphic animations. No more skills needed ! You can also stream the output with syphon and spout, to use it with more advanced software.

The free version of HeavyM is currently available on http://www.heavym.net, for Mac OS and Windows.

A developer and from Digital Essence will help you in your first experience with projection mapping, and will answer to your questions for more advanced project.

Audience : VJ or scenographer interested by making video mapping installations

Teacher : a member of the HeavyM technical team

Computing skills : use a computer and basic skills in creative software

Equipment : bring your Mac or Windows computer

Volumes : we can provide our Olga kits or you can bring your own volumes

Number of participants : 10 - 12 people, we can make group of 2 for sharing videoprojectors

Languages : ENG / FR

Aim : discover the video mapping technic, the difficulties, the constraints, the capacities. How to use a video projector for creative applications

Program :

Introduction - what is video mapping, history, applications, examples, artwork

How to make video mapping - tools, devices, softwares

Presentation of HeavyM - history, features, examples

Installation of HeavyM - one free 3 months licence of the Live for each of the participant, we need an internet connection

First tests - on a flat surface, personal explanation

Presentation of the Olga kit - how to build it

Creation of a mapping - explanation of making contents or using integrated visual effects in HeavyM

Interaction - how to make interactive visuals, how to use other softwares with HeavyM

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

Video projector, internet, whiteboard.

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France Paris


LPM 2017 Amsterdam
LPM 2017 Amsterdam
Sunday, 21 May 2017 | 18:00 > 21:00
RADION Amsterdam | Atelier 2 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

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