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Ice Jams

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Ice Jams
Ice jams occur when a topographic feature of the river causes floating river ice to accumulate and impede further progress downstream with the river current. Ice jams, as a natural phenomenon, have given people a beautiful appearance but have also harmed nature greatly. Each year, due to several factors such as temperature, water temperature, flow and river morphology, the lower section of the river is blocked by ice or ice dams that accumulate in the river, causing the river to rise. Sometimes ice can accumulate and form ice jams or dams. The project will mainly focus on the glaciers in northern China, which, due to their special climate and recent warming, are prone to ice jams in December of each year; this is not only a cultural dissemination but also a wake-up call for people.Ice Jams will have three main components, which are immersive sound, live performance and visual effects

Sound recording is a powerful medium that has the ability to capture, preserve, and reproduce a musical performance for future audience. Like other artistic mediums, sound recordings possess the ability to be challenging and meaningful artworks.At the same time, the boundaries between genres and materials have blurred as they synthesise, within a virtual domain, a global archive of instantly available references and sources for art making. Therefore, In my opinion immersive sound could be an important communication bridge between music and moving images.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

Equipment Need
• Projector for video present
• Surrounding speakers create the immersive sound
• Can be experienced on certified loudspeakers and also on headphones, via compatible
music streaming services.
• Stable internet for computers
• Musical instruments (self-provided)
• Soundcard that can connect two or more microphones (if possible)
• OSC for capturing sound data, such as kick, pitch, low and high, etc.

What the artists brings

Immersive sound (Suting Han - Composer):
The project will use surround sound to imitate nature, considering that speakers from different directions can correspond to different sounds in nature. Such as birds (from the sky), wind (around people), water (generally in underground locations) and the unpredictability of nature. Therefore, in the live performance, the electronics will be controlled in real-time by the composer to give a more realistic representation of the entire glacier and its natural environment, and at the same time to match the visuals better.
We will consider this live sound sampling in Iceland for Christmas for natural sounds to achieve realistic sound.
Live performance (Xiaodi Zhao - Cellist):
With the immersive sound, we decided to include a live performance section in order to give the moving images and sound some guidanceIce. Ice Jams will combine approximately 20-25 mins composition written for accordion and violoncello. Based on a natural phenomenon: In a limited 20-25 minutes, the composer considers the performers as a guide to the audience to experience the whole storyline, using music as a communication tool to describe the process of solidification and melting of glaciers. The reason for choosing the instruments of accordion and violoncello is to restore the image of a dialogue between two (nature and humans).
Visual Effect (Danni Zheng - visual artist):
For the presentation of the images, the visual artist intends to use live samples from the recordings and live instruments to create a real-time counterpart.
The real-time visual will include the collection of untouched nature scenes and a digital speculative future which might be made with traditional modelling, 3d point cloud scanning, real-time rendering and artificial intelligence. For example, the ice formation and melting process, the future world after ice jam occurs, data visualization of ice land, etc.
Live Mockup
In performance, The speakers are divided into TOP, STANDARD and DOWN according to their original position, so the recording will also play different natural sounds according to the position of the speakers. The down section focuses on water and bubbles. The speaker in front of the screen will focus on the sound of the glaciers freezing and melting and the sound of the performer forming a dialogue.
All the surroundings are randomly generated from the video footage, thus imitating the unpredictability of nature. The ambient sounds from all directions are also used to immerse the audience and the performers in the entire picture, so that the performers can perform the story line in the best possible way.

  • AV Performance
  • Generative
  • Electroacoustic



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