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id:obj-unidentified is an audio/visual piece based on the aesthetic of failure. We live in the post-digital era and our control on the technology is an illusion.
The musical process consists in the musicalisation of noise (accepting the noise as a valid sound source) and the “noisification” of music (not conventional use of conventional instruments to create distorted sounds).
The rhythmic organisation of the sounds highlights the aesthetic of noise, making pleasant the hardness of the timbres.
Deep and dark textures are disturbed by ‘glitches’ and errors, which influence the form and structure alongside black and white geometrical shapes.
The work is based on the exploration and the experimentation of the possibilities of waveshaping synthesis and how to relate the results in a musical way.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

A table 100x80 cm, HDMI cable, Projector, 2 jacks, 3 electric socks.

  • AV Performance
  • Generative
  • Experimental Electronics
Marco Accardi
Marco Accardi

Germany Berlin


LPM 2018 Rome
LPM 2018 Rome
Saturday, 09 June 2018

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