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KaleidoCity - Performance audiovisiva

  • AV Performance
  • Live Cinema (Narrative)
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KaleidoCity - Performance audiovisiva
Kaleydocity is pure black and white psychedelia.
Obsessive loops and synthesized mantras will transport you on a journey through whirlpools of
sprawling buildings, tangled streets, hypnotic rhythms of ever-active foundries and construction sites
of an infinite city. It will be a utopia or an apocalyptic vision?
The Performance is inspired by “Mirage” a multimedia project by Francesco Amorosino in constant evolution. Starting from his architectural photographs, the artist evolves them into hypnotic mandalas where buildings, bridges, skyscrapers blend in abstract compositions. These “Mirages” will become a card game (still being tested).


Duration (minutes)


What is needed

Table 2m x 1m
2 chairs
2 DI box with cables for the audio card (jack TRS)
HDMI cable

What the artists brings

2 computer + controllers + audio card

  • AV Performance
  • Live Cinema (Narrative)