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Kin Hackt is a project developed by Adriano Clemente. The project was made in Brooklyn and has been influenced by a community that specializes in working with the kinect technology attempting to hack the hardware to open new possibilities to users. Since 2008 Adriano was involved in research based on game controllers such as Wiimote, pen Tablet, ipodtouch/iphone/ipad, and their use with music software like Ableton Live and video like Modul8. Here is an example of the first "Iset" concept a Dj set played using an Ipod Touch 1st generation, even before the introduction of App Store. In order to do this he used I3L and Akaremote. Kinect is a "toy" with a Technologic core and a fair price, a window to check the future. From this point Adriano created his character Kin-Hackt, in which "Action" through "Hacking" is the main idea, focused on the interaction between the creative process and its connection with the hands and body movements. - As a sound designer the ability to draw and modulate my sounds just with the movement of my hands bring me closer to a Sci-Fi/PostCyberPunk vision of the music performance. - Kin Hackt is an open project meaning that the advances of the Kin Hackt shown is just a small introduction of it's capabilities.

Ableton Live 8 + Kinect + Tuio + Osculator + Wiimote

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I need a ticket NY - Rome that I cannot afford at this time, but if you like would be awesome if you can project the performance or just enjoy it yourself.

Here the video:


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Italy Roma