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MOLD is a real-time audio visualization VR experience.

In this performance, there is a poly-dancer who is playing TaiChi, they represent the people who choose to avoid reality, focusing on their own business, and they will gradually walk away from the crow.

There are four giant statues; they are located in the North, South, West, and East. Each statue represents the four pressure of the International artist community. There is a huge screen behind each of the giants. The contents are:

North - Technology, a conversation between humans and AI (GPT-3 and a Synthesia avatar, looks like a real human). South - Mental, experimental animation - MOLD, representing the struggle of human beings in society, West - Economic, "What's Coming Is WORSE Than A Recession" East - Physical, "How does an infection develop into long COVID?"

In the dark space, we can hear and see the shape of these depressing and stressful voices or images. It all gets into the audience's mind, but...

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

VR-Ready Computer|

VR Section (HTV VIVE)
VR headset*1(1,2pin outlet) VR tracker*2(2,2pin outlet) VR controller*2(1,2pin outlet)

Audio Section
Audio Basic Plan
Sennheiser HD 600 Headphone

Other equipment
1* tablel(for computer(17.3in) 1* chair (for the audience) 4*1.5m divider
Cable list
3* 6outlet power strip 3* extension cord(2m)

Demo download link:

What the artists brings

MOLD Application

  • AV Installation
  • Video Theatre


Bo Li
Bo Li

United States Phoenix