new haven

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new haven
'new haven' is an interactive multimedia installation based on a self-learning chatbot, conceived as a site of human and non-human encounter within an exhibition space.
Data from each dialogue between the chatbot and exhibition visitors is anonymously collected and used to increase the AI’s database, which results in the gradual transfiguration of the chatbot. This interaction allows to create an imprint of collective intelligence and speculate on topics of (un)intentional isolation, anonymity, and sense of collectivity.
We choose chatbot as the most accessible and integrated into our current state of society form of artificial intelligence. It is also ascribed with human characteristics quite often and is capable to pass the Turing test (a machine's ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human) which makes this type of AI even more interesting to us.

Duration (minutes)

20 min

What is needed

(1) full HD video projector with min. 4000 lumens (the lumen output of the video projector depends on the ambient light of a room where the work is exhibited); (2) a projection screen or any other surface suitable for projection; (3) a computer with min. macOS 10.13 operating system to run the software (both software and a database are to be deleted from a computer after the exhibition is over); (4) a keyboard to interact with the chatbot; (5) headphones or speakers; (6) all necessary cables and extension cords; (7) dimmed light; (8) minimalist furniture (e.g. exhibition podiums) to sit and put the keyboard.

What the artists brings

In the technical core of the artwork, there is both custom-written and open-source software. The resulting application, which includes visual and sound art, is programmed to work as an interface facilitating user interaction with the chatbot. The input signal, generated by a visitor, comes from a keyboard; the output signal is generated by the AI. All visual data - digital video art and an ongoing conversation - is projected on a projection screen or any suitable white surface. The sound is coming from headphones or speakers.

  • AV Installation