ninja tricks

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ninja tricks
to become a real professional vj, you need to learn some new skills, becouse you can't simply open a video and project it, there are some things that you have to learn with experience, problems to solve every day, as why my scanconverter don't work today? why this video i just download go so slow? how can i show the face of the dj on the screen?
why there are some ugly black borders on the screen?

every problem you will find in your vj job will be solved, and remember that restart windows solve many problems every night.

we talk about:
-midi, osc, dmx
-codec file conversion
-external sources and cameras
-analog/digital cables and signal conversion
-problem solving
-how to have a B/C/D planning, becouse sometims the A go to hell in 2 seconds.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

bring all you staffs, also the thing usual doesn't work in your vjset.

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