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No Soil

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No Soil
No soil means no sustenance for humans. We take birth on soil, live on soil, walk on the soil, die on soil, and finally vanish in soil. Soil is a synonym for Soul, with immense spiritual values. Our civilization has flourished because of soil. Soil is the most extensive biodiversity reservoir. Our health, culture, and social behavior are dictated by soil.

But since the Anthropocene, humans have had countless impacts on the earth and the soil. Desperately abusing the dirt to find a pathway for more people to survive, humans haven't realized that their destructive behavior is laying down consequences for themselves.

Even though humans, in general, are consciously trying to care for the soil, human interferences remain imbalanced and disastrous, causing ecological instability.

To make people think about their behavior and pay attention to human soil interaction, I created face filters based on different kinds of soil destruction caused by humans, Urbanization, Deforestation, Acidification, Desertification, and Salinization, Erosion, and Mining. To map the seven disasters on the human face is just like reminding them of the seven deadly sins they have committed to our mother ground. In this way, I intend to arouse and acquire the Common Consciousness of humans and nature.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed


What the artists brings

multi-screen installation
gauze screen,
led lights

  • AV Installation



Finland Helsinki

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