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POP UP is aN AV performance by Calembour that remixes contents of the web in the form of animated gifs with some warning messages and redraws them in a popup form, as a new form of narration, no longer linear, but “hypertextual”. The video has a deliberately small and square format to emphasize the objectivity character of being a perimeter, a container-of- contents. The theme is the pop culture during this last 40 years but also the mutation of content linked to his container – the passage from tv to the web, from “parole” (F. De Saussure) to emoticons, from frames to windows. It’s a meta story of/on topics, of/on passage from a diachronic to an synchronic time, in which future is, at the same time, always and never.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

Projector - screen - speakers

  • AV Performance
  • Live Cinema (Narrative)
  • Experimental Electronics

United Kingdom


LPM 2018 Rome
LPM 2018 Rome
Saturday, 09 June 2018

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