Reality Breakups

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Reality Breakups
The 'Reality Breakups' Vj set, is constructed of samples of everyday forms and textures, captured by video. Everyday Images breaks up mixed geometrically and repetitively to produce a rich and unique visual language of patterns and rhythms.
This process and style, that combine analogue textures with a digital process would go well with Electroacoustic music and Experimental Electronics.

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Duration (minutes)


What is needed

An option to plug In my MacBook Pro
a midi

  • VJ Set
  • Generative
  • Electroacoustic
lulu play
lulu play

Israel Tel Aviv-Yafo


LPM 2015 Rome
LPM 2015 Rome
Friday, 29 May 2015 | 23:30 > 00:00
Nuovo Cinema Aquila | Lettere | Roma, Italy

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