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Shopping Cart Sequence

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Shopping Cart Sequence
The documentation of the prototype performance can be found on the link below:

The piece is a 8 channel live electronics / noise music + video live performance, however can be also realised in 4-channel or stereo, given the technical possibilities in the assigned space.
 The performance can use one to three projectors in a new version depending on availability.

The sound is mainly live improvised material using controllers and custom programmed patches in Max/MSP as well as C++ / OpenFrameworks (using ofxMaxim sound processing add­on).Among the models of sound synthesis are split synthesis combining sine waves with human voice, live granulation and noise generators, using chaos equations.

The sound should be regarded as totality with the pre­-rendered video visible in the background.In the video, the images from of a trip to a supermarket in London are captured using two synchronised cameras and show a view from a perspective of a shopping trolley.

To refer to the theme of "hearing the self" I was trying to look at the self from a perspective of commodification of art as well as commodification and instrumentalisation of the perceptual processes like looking and hearing. The analysis of eyeball movements of subjects sent to supermarket is using data captured from electronic tracking glasses is widely used nowadays for optimisation of the layout of product at the shelves to maximise profit. At the same time supermarkets often change the layout of products to keep consumers confused and searching, to keep them in longer and to maximise profit.

On the level ideation of the piece I attempted to contrast this proposition with another one, speaking about looking as means of individual, rather than corporate desire and possession. JohnElkins, in his book "The object stares back: on the nature of seeing” wrote:
“Looking is hoping, desiring, never just taking in light, never merely collecting patterns and data.Looking is possessing or the desire to possess ­ we eat food, we own objects, and we “possess”bodies ­ and there is no looking without thoughts of using possessing repossessing, owning, fixing appropriating, keeping, remembering and commemorating, cherishing, borrowing and stealing. I cannot look at any anything ­ any object, any person ­ without the shadow of the thought of possessing that thing.”

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

1-3 HD video projectors depending on availability with cables ending with HDMI

Speakers can be stereo but if there is availability of 4 or 8 I can perform ambisonic set up

Cabled to go to the soundystem ending with jack

1x2m table for the electronics

What the artists brings

Laptop + multichannel audio interface + controllers and items artist is performing with

  • AV Performance


Pawel Dziadur
Pawel Dziadur

Poland Kraków