South Africa Introducing Vjing [€ 50 / R.620]

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South Africa Introducing Vjing  [€ 50 / R.620]
South Africa Introducing VJ'ing - LPM Cape Town 2013

- 4 presenters with various audio visual backgrounds
- Main presentation screen + aux screen with live feed of presenters screen
- objects & props to demonstrate mapping.

Day 1: Resolume Arena - Hosted by Frank Latter

Introduction to VJ’ing with Resolume
Exploring the Resolume Interface
Loading & playing back clips in Resolume
Layers, blend modes and effects
Midi mapping
Synchronising visuals to music
Sourcing VJ footage
Alternative input sources

Day 2: VDMX - Hosted by Afterlife AV

Mac workflow tips for creatives
Video signal setup & troubleshooting
Purpose built VJ interfaces
Generative visuals vs linear video
FX chains and presets
Blend modes, layers & groups
External Control devices
Quartz Composer integration (qcFX)
Live video inputs

Day 3: Pre-Production Masterclass - Hosted by Meme

Editing Video content in After Effects
Examples of stylistic choices
Masks & Layers
Text & Titling in After Effects
Stop Motion animation techniques
Stop Motion demonstration

Day 4: Mapping - Hosted by All

Syphon 101
Mapping with Madmapper
Spatial Scanner Demonstration
Mapping with Resolume Arena
Creating Masks and Maps for use in preproduction workflow

Resolume, VDMX, Madmapper, Quartz Composer, After Effects, Photoshop

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

Workshop participants to supply their own Mac laptop and are also encouraged to bring their own video footage or photographs & imagery to manipulate during the course. Royalty free footage will also be supplied for attendees to experiment with.

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Afterlife AV
Afterlife AV

South Africa Cape Town


LPM 2013 Cape Town
LPM 2013 Cape Town
November 13 // 16 2013