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With the word Tecnica we mean precisely the highest form of rationality achieved by man, because it does not provide redundancy, unnecessary size, does not provide rhetorical forms, it does not provide for the language, the language preferred numbers. Its logic is simply to achieve maximum results with the minimum use of means. In this sense we speak of organization of the mind, and the highest rationality, the highest form of the economy because the economy still suffers from a human passion that is the passion for money from which the technique is totally exonerated. In reference to the many conferences of Umberto Galimberti from which inspired the text, and multiple videos on the net that I watched for years (and to which I have necessarily related), I present here a theatrical short number consists of two actors, Antonello Greek and Isabella Mongelli for Laera production.
With sounds of David Coretti and music by Francesco Bruno


All text is recited by walking and then running in place, they are linked via harness and bungee cords.

Antonello I live many different lives I like to travel and disconnect myself from all but I also love revivals newspapers and being with friends, but what I love most is being able to do all this on the same day. For every problem there is only one optimal solution and rational action is the one that once identified this solution, as pursued in a linear fashion with minimal use of resources and maximum results. Without proper reflection on technique, it eludes that man is abysmally distant from the animal because it lacks the typical connotation that is instinct, and that the soul or consciousness is the remnant of the action and of its technical extension . In fact, the technique does not tend to an end, does not promote a sense, does not open scenarios of salvation, does not redeem, does not reveal the truth: the technique works. We must first do away with the innocent fairy tales. The soul is overabundant, is overabundant in his language, the liguaggio love is superabundant, superfluous,
talkative, full of language, on the other hand is functional technique is precise, mathematical, rigorous. And enough with these categories of good and evil, the technique does neither good nor bad, the technique is neutral. For the fact that we inhabit a world in its entirety technically organized, the technique is no longer the subject of our choice, but it is our environment, where ends and means, goals and ideations, pipelines, actions and passions, even the dreams, they are technically articulated and need the technique to express themselves. Become aware that the horizon of reference has changed radically. Being aware means living in this world with the risks that always accompany unconsciousness, and with a man reading the world's most non-technical grants.

Addressed the audience Perhaps you could start by this year. Point the smaller hand and not think of anything else to it.

I start to speed up the pace

V.F. He stands for voiceover

VF Boy know and observe your limits?

Antonello Yes sir!

VF Who are you boy?

Antonello I am the servant of my equipment, my identity is entirely resolved in its functionality, I am my apparatus.

VF And you believe you have an unconscious?

Antonello The unconscious is the species that uses us for its procreative and defensive needs, procreate and cherish, procreate and cherish.

VF So?

Straight Antonello understanding, right intention, right thinking. Right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right union.

VF So, boy so straight to the point!

Antonello the only purpose is the will to live which, in turn, has no purpose.
Because the bacteria are formed of jam, for what purpose? nobody. The bacteria are formed because there are conditions. Because we are in the world? for purpose? No, for the case! On the wishes of the parents should never investigate. But the occurrence of our life was a completely random occurrence. (Even faster) We are the people who say I do, but we are especially officials of the species. The nature dominates man with his laws of nature, we are only servants of the species. Do not think that this miserable man universe was created for you, you'll be quite fair if you trim all'universa harmony. Man is born to be recognized, and you will be recognized when they will belong to a community, and the community will recognize you as a mortal. You will die. (The volume of the music increases) And then the man born grows blooms. The man is exactly how plants just like animals. Spring Summer Autumn Winter. To grow grapes do so, to make wine you do so, in order to cultivate the olive tree you do so, to breed the animal do so. The tradition is nothing more than the transmission of successful techniques. Old! Teach me! Achieve the highest of goals with minimal use of resources: a goldfish can survive in a glass vial with a drop of water per minute. The technique is stronger than nature. The technique is stronger than nature. The technique is stronger than nature. The technique is stronger than nature .....

The music volume increases. I stop, exhausted. Turn off all the lights. You turn off the music. They only hear the breaths amplified by a microphone.

Isabella enters with a tray on which is placed an orange drink

Isabella We recognize that there are other ways to access the sense that they are not rationality and calculation. Rediscover the wonder is to recognize that laugh and cry are not accessories of the human experience to bear on the edge. Wonder is to recognize that not everything has been planned and expected, to be surprised by the hidden dimension of things, wonder of different sides of the world. We thus see that the other has something that we miss, that what we took for granted must be put in question, that security can become stifling. As human beings we move in the tension between the recognition of our limitations and the drive that leads us to go beyond, to dream and challenge those limits. It is difficult to maintain a balance between these two forces, but the ability to keep them together is what makes us alive. Every time we separate we become dreamers omnipotent or we sink into impotence and depression. In between is the space of Wonder, which nevertheless allows us to continue to function.

Isabella comes to me, makes me drink the drink, and I emit a guttural sound that indicates my satiety.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

audio mixer and lights
backdrop black
2 black wings
microphone with boom
standard amplification system

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  • Video Theatre
  • Experimental Electronics

Italy Taranto

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