This Floating World

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This Floating World
A new work from audiovisual artist Tim Murray-Browne and choreographer Jan Lee combining dance with interactive audiovisuals. The audience is led on a journey of building and dismantling oneself through an immersive audiovisual environment of organic and ethereal atmospheres. The dancer interacts with this space through her movement, amplifying her expressivity in her search for a moment of 'oneness with the world'.

Lee’s movement on stage is tracked using a 3D camera. Software created by Murray-Browne analyses this movement. In combination with live input from him, this generates visuals for the onstage projection and modulates the musical score. All graphics are created algorithmically in real-time without pre-rendered content.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

- We need a stage space (min dimensions 5m deep x 4m wide) with a flat even floor suitable for dancing barefoot. Behind will be a projection (minimum dimensions 4m wide x 2m high, ideally 5-6m wide), ideally starting at floor height.

- We require lighting to ensure the dancer is visible yet not cast any light onto the projection screen. We have achieved this with fixed lighting before but simple stage lighting is preferable if possible.

- Placed on the floor approx. 6m away from the projector screen is a 3D camera which is attached to a laptop on a table to the side of the stage. The audience should ideally be directly behind this camera (so directly in front of the stage) and not to the sides so that they can see dancer and projected visuals simultaneously. During the performance Tim sits at the table to operate live controls while Jan dances. We will use white electrical tape to mark the floor as part of the set.

- As the dance is in front of the projection, the projector should be high up to minimise the amount of shadow cast by the dancer onto the projection screen when she is moving between 2m and 5m away from the projection area. We have typically found that a short throw projector hung around 6m away from the wall at least 2.5m high can achieve this, but it is also possible with a long throw projector further away and higher up.

- We need to test the projector, sound and perform a full tech runthrough on the day, or the day before if that's not possible.

- Other equipment we need are: a table/chair for Tim performing on his laptop on stage, a PA system to receive stereo output (dual jack) from the laptop on this table, an HDMI or Mini-DisplayPort connection to the projector from this table.

- Everything we need we can fit into a normal suitcase so we don't have any shipping requirements.

- Jan needs a warm-up space for 30-60 minutes before the show, and in the days before our performance we will need a space (min 5m x 6m) to rehearse. These spaces should be non public and OK to walk on in bare feet (ideally not carpeted).

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Jan Lee and Tim Murray-Browne
Jan Lee and Tim Murray-Browne

United Kingdom London


LPM 2015 Rome
LPM 2015 Rome
Friday, 29 May 2015

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