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AVnode is an international network and database of artists and professionals organising activities in the field of audio visual performing arts.

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der Warst

der Warst

der Warst

der Warst



der Warst is the alter ego of interdisciplinary artist and circuit bender Simon Schäfer. Using a laboratory of modified Instruments, video equipment, gaming consoles and otherwise unrelated equipment, he creates glotched-out experiences of beauty and terror. His visuals build abstracted worlds and

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DA Z 2021

  • October 27 // 31 2021
  • DA/S DIGITAL ART AND SCIENCE, Zurigo, Svizzera

Physical - Performance online

  • Friday, 22 October 2021

Simultan Festival 2021 - Call for Video Submissions

  • September 11 // 19 2021
  • MultipleXity, Timișoara, Romania

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Tuesday, 03 August 2021

REAL-IN Open call for Residencies

The calls are open to creatives and artistic teams with an immersive and/or interactive project (in development or finalized) into which they would like to implement a collective and interactive dimension. Your project must be in one the following sectors: Music Festivals, Performing Arts or will

Thursday, 29 July 2021

Open Call: 1minute Projection Mapping in Tokyo

"1minute Projection Mapping" is an international video mapping competition. It is the biggest mapping contests in Asia aria. The theme for this year is “Hope”. Draw a vision that gives people hope and courage and envisions a positive and energetic future in this uncertain era. Human potential has

Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Open Call: SIMULTAN Festival 2021—Unstable State of Things

SIMULTAN is an annual festival dedicated to interdisciplinary arts – emerging media projects, experimental music and audio-visual and sound projects, in order to support new forms of artistic expression. The festival program includes live audio-visual performances, video art screenings, and which