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Fotonica 2022

Fotonica 2022

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November 11 // 19 2022

Fusolab 2.0, Rome Immersive, Roma, Italy

  • November 11 // 19 2022 | Immersive Room, Rome Immersive, Roma, Italy
  • November 14 // 16 2022 | Classroom 2, Classroom 1, Fusolab 2.0, Roma, Italy
  • November 11 // 19 2022 | Immersive Room Installations, Rome Immersive, Roma, Italy
  • November 12 // 19 2022 | Immersive Classroom, Rome Immersive, Roma, Italy
  • November 11 // 19 2022 | Meeting Area, Fusolab 2.0, Roma, Italy



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Theory and practice laboratory's course on technology and software for Video Mapping's performance's design's and construction's. Video content's adaptation to irregular and not flat surfaces and architecture with different software, for PC and MAC, using one or more projectors managed from the same computer. Guide to static and animated contents's creation on the base of every single student's competences.

Videomapping is video projection's technique that virtually transforms any surface in a screen, it's border territory in which converge art, architecture and technology at new expressive form's service that temporarily transforms our spaces's and objects's classical perception.

Videomapping is a technique that transforms any video projection in a single performance, exploiting surfaces's features and space's that host her particularities. Projection's various techniques will be put into practice (on urban surfaces, on objects, into theaters, during events) using MadMapper, the main software for PC and MAC, with signs on Millumin and Resolume; particular attention will be dedicated at the guide for contents's creation. You will learn to manage video elements for theatrical performance, stage design, video installation and vjing connecting space to music and video.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

- 1 projector with screen for classroom explanations
- 1 spare projector
- 1 projector for each student or group of them
- 1 small sound system (minijack in)
- 1 microphone

What the artists brings

- 2 laptops
- Lego mapping materials

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Fusolab 2.0
Fusolab 2.0

Italy Roma, Meta, Naples


Italy Roma, Bologna, Bergamo, Hungary Budapest


Fotonica 2022
Fotonica 2022
November 14 // 17 2022