LPM 2009 - Live Performers Meeting

LPM 2009 - Live Performers Meeting

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Brancaleone, Rome

Brancaleone, Roma, Italy

  • Thursday, 28 May 2009 | VisualArena, Brancaleone, Roma, Italy
  • Sunday, 31 May 2009 | Brancaleone, Roma, Italy

Sonica 09 preview: Gino

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Sonica 09 preview: Gino
[RELOADED] arises from the will to create a context of unity which is based on the values of knowledge, interdependence and sharing; it has the aim to promote awareness towards a more responsible vision of the environment in which we live.

[RELOADED] intends to promote a more enhanced and updated human and social consciousness, the same way powerful software would do: by using new self-preservation drivers for the protection of the ecosystems where human beings live and interact.

[RELOADED] looks at contemporary society in a functional way, the same way an operating system would do: able to consistently manage all the emergencies of its surrounding world.

[RELOADED] is an international festival dedicated to environmental sustainability and based on contemporary art, music and culture as the main expressions of socio-cultural interaction in the era of progress and technology.

[RELOADED] symbolizes the retrieval of cosmic consciousness, a spiritual upgrade dedicated to revalue the elements and their combination:

A process that starts from the SPIRIT who manifests itself by originating everything that exists.

The process of creation originates from the Divine and goes down to the Water element, primary source and sustenance of life on Earth. The very first elemental forms of life originated from Water, they evolved during the course of millennia detaching from their primordial element.
The creative process evolves upwards from Water to Air; Air represents forms of life that are self sufficient enough to get organized and aware of their own self.

These beings evolve from their primary innocence towards a moral and technological organization, proceeding further to the Earth element.
Earth represents the highest grade of evolution that an era can support; when all this becomes too heavy to sustain, relapses take place in different areas but most of all in the spiritual one.
Human beings move away from the Spirit, they degrade downwards, to the Fire, highest symbol of degeneration.

Recovery usually follows depression, a return to the source, in this case to the Spirit. A process that is comparable to the reincarnation cycles: through them the Soul gains access to a new existence.

Our contemporary society, technologically advanced, is responsible more than ever before of hydrologic, atmospheric and geologic disruptions: from global warming to the impoverishment of energy sources, to pollution.
In order to survive it's society's responsibility to provide a remedy to these disruptions, at any cost.

Reloaded's mission is to become an input for a more evolved relationship with the Elements of life.
This can be done by improving the use of resources without causing damage: on the contrary, making an effort to improve;
exploiting the power of the sun, its light, its fire, to satisfy the energy demand without having to resort to polluting power and nuclear stations;
using air and wind to produce enough renewable and replaceable energy;
preserving Earth from the progressive depletion of its resources, from mining and deforestation;
protecting the waters in order to protect the natural cycles of life. A life strictly correlated to the Universal Intelligence and to the Cosmic Equilibrium.

This is the time to reload our future.

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Dj Gino
Dj Gino

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