LPM 2009 - Live Performers Meeting

LPM 2009 - Live Performers Meeting

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Brancaleone, Rome

Brancaleone, Roma, Italy

  • Thursday, 28 May 2009 | VisualArena, Brancaleone, Roma, Italy
  • Sunday, 31 May 2009 | Brancaleone, Roma, Italy

VJFM - VJ Flash Mobile

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VJFM - VJ Flash Mobile
VJ Flash Moble is a standalone player that enables you to mix flash files (.swf) realtime from your mobile phone, directly to your big screen.

Originally created specifically for Nokia mobile phones now it's developed for any mobile phone with flashplayer.

The project showcase will see the developers explaining the project, the player's features with a short performance and the new dedicated website.

An open and free project where everyone can partecipate with impressions, ideas, implementations and footage.

Partecipate: Anyone who has a mobile phone with flash on, and a tv out connection can join the project showcase's performance.

For info and subscrition: info@mikkel.org VJFM main site: www.vjfm.net

On Nokia Trends Lab Project details/Download Page: http://www.nokiatrendslab.com/artist_detail.php?id=176

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

For optimal presentation:

1 - microfone

1 - screen projection

1 - video mixer (v4 or v8)

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VJ Mikkel
VJ Mikkel

Denmark Aarhus


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