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LPM 2013 Rome

LPM 2013 Rome

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Edition XIII May 23rd - 26th 2013 | Rome

Brancaleone, Roma, Italy

  • May 23 // 22 2013 | Main Arena DJs, Brancaleone, Roma, Italy
  • May 24 // 25 2013 | Brancaleone, Roma, Italy


Dynamic Mapping with VVVV [100€]

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Dynamic Mapping with VVVV [100€]
In this workshop the participants are invited to learn and pratice with the fundamentals of dynamic projection mappings with VVVV.
To aknowledge the multiple techniques and aspects of the interaction between man and mapped objects.
To pratice the techniques for dynamic projection mapping (mapping on things that move) by using infrared lights and cameras, KINECT, ARDUINO and various other eletronic hardware like servos and step motors.
The study of a project, it's development, buildup and presentation for commercial purposes.


_A computer with Windows.
On Macbooks, Windows must be installed thru Bootcamp.

_3 buttons mouse.

_Any hardware you'd like to use during the workshop
(like kinect, arduino, servos, ir cameras and filters)

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

2 Video projectors 2000 Ansi Lumens
1 5mt long vga cable
1 white wall or projection screen
1 Table

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Italy Brescia, Russia Moscow


LPM 2013 Rome
LPM 2013 Rome
May 23 // 26 2013