LPM 2013 Rome

LPM 2013 Rome

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Edition XIII May 23rd - 26th 2013 | Rome

Brancaleone, Roma, Italy

  • May 23 // 22 2013 | Main Arena DJs, Brancaleone, Roma, Italy
  • May 24 // 25 2013 | Brancaleone, Roma, Italy



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“PANORAMICA” by GIO.VENALE and HYPER!ION is a multimedia performance that originates from the manipulation and reinterpretation of the sounds and images of the socio-natural environment.
Starting from an on-site process of audio sampling, video shooting and graphical manipulation, the performance “PANORAMICA” develops a way to narrate the territory and its past days through the re-proposition of sensorial elements (sight, hearing, physical presence).
In doing this, “PANORAMICA” mixes electro music, videos, historical docs, interviews, multimedia archives. Moreover, the interaction between the performers and the audio-visual materials is a crucial feature: it's no dj.set, but an electro gig; it's no vj-set, but a real-time visual manipulation.
The multiple projections that re-sketch the performance's spaces and the multi-channel, 4.0 surrounding audio take the audience back to the core and make them be active speaker of the performance.

“PANORAMICA” was born in 2012 in the wake of the territory-based activity of Portobeseno. The performance has been presented as an itinerant trilogy at Portobeseno 2012 (Castel Beseno), at Castelfolk 2012 (Castellano) and at Narrare Borgo Santa Maria (Rovereto). During these happenings an unitary story on the society-environment links has been developed.

GIO.VENALE_Giovanni Formilan /// live.tronix and historical audio manipulation
HYPER!ION_Tommaso Rosi /// live.visual and interactive visual

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

• 4.0 (quadriphonic) surrounding sound system (required for the full version of the performance; however, the show can be performed even with a traditional stereo PA);
• A projection screen (of about 3x2 meters) or white surface for the projection/s (if needed we can provide a 3x2 meters screen) in a place easy to reach - an important feature of the performance is the direct interaction with the projection using two infrared gloves;
• 1 or more video projectors with 1024x768 resolution (we can provide one);
• Some free space before the projection screen - we use a WiiMote which needs to see the projection (without people walking in front of it for example). The perfect free space for a 3x2 meters projection is about 4-5 meters in front of the screen.

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LPM 2013 Rome
LPM 2013 Rome
Sunday, 26 May 2013