LPM 2013 Rome

LPM 2013 Rome

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Edition XIII May 23rd - 26th 2013 | Rome

Brancaleone, Roma, Italy

  • May 23 // 22 2013 | Main Arena DJs, Brancaleone, Roma, Italy
  • May 24 // 25 2013 | Brancaleone, Roma, Italy


Remains of the Night

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Remains of the Night
Remains of the Night (http://www.refraction-labs.com/remains.html) sparks from an obsession with images, the kind of unforgettable images that haunt you day and night, flashes of consciousness and fragments of dreams.
In Remains of the Night music works as a trigger and an inspiration, images are selected on the fly by the performer and synchronized to the beat using sound analysis in order to create flashes of consciousness.

We mixed the performance’s soundtrack (https://soundcloud.com/monocrom/sawdust-memories) with these images in mind and the music ended up feeding back the video performance with it’s own mood and atmosphere to create an electronic and nostalgic reverie... and nightmare.
Remains of the Night has been touring various electronic music concerts and club nights in Barcelona, Spain.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

Workspace and configuration
1 square meter of desk space
visibility over projection screen is preferred
vga connection to projector
rca connection to stereo pa
2 power sockets

Hardware brought
MacBook Pro Laptop
Allen&Heath Xone K2 Controller

Hardware needed
video projector (we can provide one if needed)
stereo PA system

Simultaneous outputs
1 video (vga)
1 audio (stereo rca)

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Refraction Labs
Refraction Labs

Spain Barcelona


LPM 2013 Rome
LPM 2013 Rome
Saturday, 25 May 2013