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LPM 2023 Münster

LPM 2023 Münster

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April 13 // 16 2023

Bennohaus, Münster, Germany

  • April 13 // 16 2023 | Classroom 2, Classroom 1, Bennohaus, Münster, Germany
  • April 13 // 16 2023 | Foyer, Bennohaus, Münster, Germany
  • April 13 // 16 2023 | Stage 1 Lectures, Bennohaus, Münster, Germany
  • April 13 // 16 2023 | Stage 1, Bennohaus, Münster, Germany
  • April 13 // 16 2023 | Stage 2, Bennohaus, Münster, Germany
  • April 14 // 16 2023 | Mapping Area, Bennohaus, Münster, Germany



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MORPHEA is an audio visual performance create by the artists Lola Lustosa and Mahir Duman. The work refers to the old tradition of the dance of masks, a shamanistic ritual to thank the gods and drive out evil spirits. The dance of love and its dangerous emotional positions. Yin & Yang / Light and shadow. universal big bangs / explosions/ electric. The old and the new merged into psychedelic video projections, dance performance and electronic music.

The track “Contemporary True” from De Feo sets the mood and tell that the gods’s door is open you are welcome to enter and find your self at the dance of Masks. De feo seeks to overcome the separation of the sensory perceptions of man made sound and light frequencies, or the difference between the various anthropological communication system. Creating scientific, artistic and sociological phenomenons perceivable for both eyes and ears in a multisensory and unexpected environment is his main goal.

The underground Berlin club scene is where the new dance of masks begins. the space of an old factory combined with impressive video projections sets a very Unique and post-identity time. Very familiar for the ones that have experienced the best of Berlin culture. The performer dressing white with an white mask is clear a portal to empathy and self-healing. The figure creates a perfect merge with the space installation and outside public. The moviments combining Butoh, Flow and theatrical dance are clacking the new healing ritual. The figure in black is a contra point. Is the unthinkable, the untouchable.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

2 Projectors

What the artists brings

- Mac Book Pro 2018 15zoll - AMD Rodeon Pro 560 x- 16gb Ram-1TB SSD

- Resolume Arena
- VDMX 5
- Processing

External Grafikkarte:
- MatroxTripleHead2Go DVI  (T2GD3DIF)

Capture Card
-Elgato capture card 4k60 pro extern

Midi Controllers
- Nektar Panorama P1 - USB DAW/MIDI

- Sony alpha 6400
- Nikon D700
- Microsoft Kinect v2 3D-Camera

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Mahir Duman
Mahir Duman

Germany Berlin

De Feo
De Feo

Germany Berlin


Brazil Rio de Janeiro


LPM 2023 Münster
LPM 2023 Münster
Friday, 14 April 2023