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MusicUpNose Concerto Interattivo per bambini

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MusicUpNose Concerto Interattivo per bambini
How do you chase a sound with crayons? How do electronic sounds become giraffes, dolphins, monsters, or droplets? How do you dance a noise?
Extend your ears, intercept the noises and immediately squash them on the paper and walls. A concert of improvised electronic music where the images and movements of the children recreate music and sounds in a flow of fertile expressiveness without barriers.

Age: 4-12 years
Duration: 75 min

ANDREA MARINELLI is a musician and visual artist. He plays electronic instruments and computers. He moves between concerts, performances, contemporary art, but also works in private spaces reinterpreting everyday environments through images and music. Among the places where he performs: Hangar Bicocca, Bluenote Milano, Locarno Film Festival, MUDEC Museo delle Culture, Ghiaccio9 Venezia, Cineconcerto Festival Ancona etc.
In 2019 he opens -FrescoBit Orchestra- a version of MusicUpNose dedicated to adults in corporate training and beyond, where you experience your own expressiveness through image and music.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

I'm not on stage, I'm in the middle of the kids > mixer and HDMI need to be near me.
Need big cushions/mats for kids to draw on the floor. Alternatively tables and chairs.
1 location, possibly quiet and sheltered
1 PA system sized for the venue
1 audio mixer with 4 channels (No DJ)
1 projector with HDMI input and long HDMI cable


What the artists brings

Live Electronics Music
1 PC proiezione HDMI

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Andrea Marinelli
Andrea Marinelli

Italy Milano


Fotonica 2021
Fotonica 2021
Saturday, 20 November 2021