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Notch Basic Boosted workshop - focused on Vjing and Videomapping - english/spanish

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Notch Basic Boosted workshop - focused on Vjing and Videomapping - english/spanish
This is a course course to boost your knowledge and start creating with Notch from zero to your live perfomence without previous knowledge.
You’ll learn how to navigate the Builder UI, how to create live effects, work with 3D objects and animated 3D with realtime interaction and incredible render capabilities for Vjing and videomapping.

This course serves for boosting the creation of generative realtime vjing and video mapping content creation or livemappinmg.

What you will learn

Introduction to Builder: an in-depth walkthrough of the UI and workflow tools.

Video Compositing & VFX: adjusting the viewport, working with post-FX nodes, video nulls and green screen keying.

Lights: working with basic lights, deferred rendering, shadow casting, area lights, environment maps, volumetric lighting, using skyboxes and working with reflections.

Materials: basic material understanding, using separate material nodes, texture mapping and material editing inside of Builder.

Modifiers: workshop showcasing the use of math and continuous Modifiers, including some nice tips, tricks and best practices.

Particles: how to set up a particle scene using Emitters, Affectors, 3D particle trails, IMAG emitting and post-FX.

File formats: we will explore the various 3D file formats and showcase the differences and benefits of each supported format (like .c4d, .fbx, .abc, .obj and .lwo)

Exporting: learning how to export videos (and the various options available)

Realtime control with Android/ios without additional software

Interaction with VJ software and videomapping: Resolume Arena and Madmapper

Export: Learn to export videos (and the various options available)

Free personal projects and resources for instant use and comercial use.

Duration (minutes)

8 hours / 4 day x 2 hours

What is needed

2 Projectors one for UI other for Main screen playback
RTX 3080 or superior desktop i7 32 Gb ram or more

What the artists brings

Notch VFX Software

An Artist’s Tool
An authoring tool that not only brings the incredible freedom of real-time, but is also astonishingly flexible. It’s useful whether you scratch the surface or explore its outer limits.

Intuitive UX
The UI is designed to be familiar and intuitive to use, based on the experience with 3D and compositing software. Notch takes industry standard paradigms and finely tunes them for a real-­time workflow.

Notch Builder works in real-time, which means you get to make changes and see them take effect as you work. You can also render to video using our powerful ray-tracing and path tracing features.

The interface is based on nodes: small, simple building blocks, connected together logically and intuitively to make spectacular creations. The only limitation is your imagination.

From the Keyframe-Based Curve Editor to the NLE layout, Notch provides the tools to realise your visual narrative. And if you need to use the sequencer of a 3rd party tool (media server / lighting desk / sensing software), simply expose the desired node parameters.

Notch’s physically based material system gives you all the tools you would expect; normal, displacement, specular and roughness maps. Standard light types, shadows and image based lighting.

But Notch takes you beyond the expected, to voxel cone tracing for ambient occlusion and global illumination, mix in reflection & refraction support and you’ve got something special.

Bringing extraordinary interactivity without months of coding.
Notch Playback supports both depth and RGB feeds from Kinect v1 and v2, whether embedded in a media server or standalone.
Notch Playback supports input from OSC, ArtNet and Midi for making dynamic and responsive scenes.

Equipped with FFT analysis, Notch can make your scenes respond to the live audio feeds.

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