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Ring Of Ice

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Ring Of Ice
The workshop Supercazzola will have a theme and will result in an exhibition. I have several themes in mind. One is called "Ring of Ice." I have a few samples in hand, so the showcase will not be empty when we start the workshop SUPERCAZZOLA & Bard Ko-Mu AI.

I have also several ways in mind we can go. This is one: We start by prompting the theme into an image prompt AI. We tune the theme towards a style, maybe surrealism. Then we create a worldwide passage where the images might fit and set them in a display format. We title the pictures and create a description out of feedback from other users. We prompt these descriptions to chat GPT. We translate the descriptions with suited AI tools, like DeepL. Then we vocalize them via natural speak AI and bring them on stream.

After this is done Ring of Ice will get an update. We create a machinima. This means the workshop will get a podium, Ring of Ice 2.0

Duration (minutes)

3 days

What is needed

I am flexible with the number of screens. I assume the format will be 16:9 (1920:1080).

What the artists brings

The showcase will be a display on screens.

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Art Blue
Art Blue

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