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In the workshop Supercazzola, we will work on creating an exhibition in the virtual world of Opensimulator that will deal with technology, art and social science. It will theme on an environmental impact: RING OF ICE (Melting of the glaciers).

Watch the video I created. Also, google for Supercazzola which is a term in the Italian language for "hilarious and weird but also for sophisticated spam."
I outline in the video a project on a different theme "The Castle of Glass" which is a metaphor. Chat GPT say about The Castle of Glass: "... It is a metaphor for the fragility of a person's emotional state and the difficulty of keeping up a facade or "castle" to protect oneself."

Best to come to the workshop with your notebook and some of the installed software that you find in the technical requirement. Then you can actively work and profit from the workshop the most. If you just like to watch others doing, or you have questions How to take part in one of my immersive art projects I am curating then it is also fine.

After the workshop, I am available for a come-together in the cafeteria. I will have my mobile at hand +49 1712077087 and be happy to assist and to give feedback. I leave Münster on Sunday 16:00 CET.

You will need a notebook where you have Firestorm viewer (Opensim-edition) installed. Also it would be nice if you have your (free) private chat GPT key handy. Also you should have a little experience with image prompt art (any generator is good). For sound (voice) editing, you shall have a (simple) tool at hand – Goldwave is fine.

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There will be slides, samples and a handout. I will use the same equipment as the participants. We need internet access most of the time. I have a backup with a triple T-mobile 5G hotspot you can use if you don't have internet, but usually at LPM is a good coverage.

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Art Blue
Art Blue

Germany Leipzig


LPM 2023 Münster
LPM 2023 Münster
Friday, 14 April 2023