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Supercazzola. Bard Ko-Mu AI.

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Supercazzola. Bard Ko-Mu AI.
Supercazzola. Bard Ko-Mu AI. When noise gets meaning.
Supercazzola is an Italian word that means on first sight "hilarious." But on a second view it gets meaning, it gets depth. AI systems are based on noise. Since chat GPT and Midjourney created an hype, Supercazzola is a must to understand. The presentation and the lecture steps out of the usual and the workshop will be fun to join.
The workshop falls in the category Immersive Art (Immersionskunst).


I will present an AI trinity system "at work" for text, image and voice based on examples in a short session, hopefully on the first day of LPM 2023. Everyone can see there that “The Workshop” might really work and decide to take part in it.

The Workshop Supercazolla is group-oriented. Small groups will feed an idea into the trinity which will produce their result to be showcased at a “Grand Opening” in the Metaverse.
1. Creating Image Prompt Art in the Web.
2. Uploading the images into the Metaverse (via an Avatar in a virtual reality known as Craft World).
3. Curating the images by using chat GPT by staying inside Craft World. For this, we use the Bard Ko-Mu AI Box. The result will be text for the Avatar curator (e.g. you).
4. Giving the curator a synthetic voice using Naturalreaders and Microsoft Azure (140 languages).
5. Editing the voices and uploading it to a music stream in the Metaverse.
6. Grand Opening of the show.
7. Supercazzola Diploma (in case you deserve it!).
The concept is based on balanced group work (CSCW), in other words: the participants share their expertise and help each other to achieve the best possible outcome of the group idea.

Duration (minutes)

3 days each 2 hours

What is needed

For the presentation I need a data-projector with sound. Nothing special.

What the artists brings

If you want to take part in the workshop you will need a personal laptop. It would be helpful if you have already installed Firestorm viewer for Opensimulator and also have created an avatar for Craft World (links below). if you need help we will manage as a team to get you ready. I have conceptual work at hand for those who are already prepared; no one will get bored.
Here are the links:
Getting the viewer:
Creating an Avatar:
Getting an API key for chat GPT:
There will be more links and tasks in the workshop. Not everyone has to go the same line.
You can choose image generation by Midjourney, DALL E-2 or Stable Diffusion …
Aside links will be provided to make the workshop entertaining, like

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