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LPM 2018 Rome announces Live Coding with Max & Ableton Workshop

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Are you curious to understand how was made the LPM video of this edition?

Don’t miss the Live Coding with Max & Ableton Workshop of Tadej Droljc!

The worksop will be focusing on various techniques inside Max, Max for Live and Live that represent the basis of my audiovisual compositional practice and can be easily extended to performance. These techniques are anchored around a conceptual node that could be called “in-betweenness” – being in-between very opposite compositional practices such as indeterminacy, randomness or probabilities on one hand and planning, total control or repetition on the other. In other words I am influenced by techniques that span from very experimental to very genre based and I will share with you how I bridge that gap using Max, Max for Live and Live. During the workshop we will create few simplified sequences from the LPM 2018 promo video.

Topics that will be covered:

How to use Live’s time-line to control visuals in Max.

How to efficiently analyse audio in Live for the purpose of controlling visuals (tricks with existing Live’s analysis tools and custom made Max for Live devices).

How to use Max to add indeterminacy, randomness or non-metric time to your audiovisual language.

Generating and processing 3D geometry inside Max using noise and physics based algorithms.

Using visuals to control audio (*only if there will be enough time).

Technical request: English

Each participant needs a laptop with Max, Max for Live and Live installed. Basic knowledge of Max and Live (or some similar equivalents) are recommended.


June 7 – 8 | 18:00 – 21:00

[€ 80 / € 60 Artists – max 15 attendees]">REGISTER

LPM 2018 Rome begins on June 7, 2018 in the spaces of EX Mattatoio. Learning activities will take place in the dedicated classrooms every day starting from 15.00. Read carefully the requirements to attend the classes, choose your activity and register!

Workshops are dedicated to learning and sharing, drawing upon the themes of Video Mapping, interactive interfaces using open software and different devices, generative visual with sound and scripts, but also with market leader of veejay software.

Hurry up to register since places are limited!

We remind you that the call to participate to LPM 2018 ROME is still open! Registration form is only available on-line and the subscriptions will be accepted until April 18, 2018!">

LPM 2018 Rome announces Live Coding with Max & Ableton Workshop


    LPM Live Performers Meeting

    LPM Live Performers Meeting

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