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  • AV Installation
  • Experimental Electronics
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AMNESIA is an Immersive installation conceived as a five-stage painting performance.
On a circular canvas, memory comes to life, its pulse, its vitality, its loss and what remains of it. The light, in contact with the material of the canvas, becomes real in colour, becomes tangible. The colour starts to orchestrate a dance of real time visual-sound compositions that trace the pulsing of life and memory, only to disappear and clear the way for the next moment.

Materials: custom software, UV laser system, phosphorescent pigments.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

Minimal Requirements:
4 Speakers + Cable
1 Sub-woofer + Cable
1 Mixer 8 ch
1 Laser RGB 2 watt
1 Hazer machine
1 Truss to suspend the circle canvas

+ Circular Truss 3m ø

What the artists brings

1 Macbook Pro
1 ILDA controller + Cable 10m
1 LAN Cable
2 Sound Card + Cable Jack to XLR

1 Photoluminescent Canvas (3 m) OPTION A
1 Photoluminescent Canvas (1.5 m) OPTION B

  • AV Installation
  • Experimental Electronics


Cristian Rizzuti
Cristian Rizzuti

Spain Barcellona