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B-Visionary - Augmented Reality art

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B-Visionary - Augmented Reality art
B-VISIONARY - Augmented Reality art

The artowrks presented are created by Artificial Intelligence algorithms that process data from thousands of drawings, paintings and works from different periods of art history. Combining all the technique of data painting and interaction with augmented reality, B-Visionary enriches the art of AI with animations that show how the artwork was made.

Download B-VISIONARY AR app in your device and frame the artworks. App available for Android and iOS

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Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming one of the biggest game-changers for visual art, transforming artwork engagement.​
To create our art experiences, AR doesn’t act alone. The underlying technology that makes the new dimensions art experiences possible is Artificial Intelligence (AI).​
AI is the protagonist in the most modern research on contemporary art. Today, more and more works are created through the use of AI algorithms that allow artists to find innovative forms of artistic expression.

  • AV Installation



Italy Roma


LPM 2022 Rome
LPM 2022 Rome
June 09 // 12 2022

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