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David Hume - Antares
David Hume's Antares is an audiovisual project. This statement means that in this project, music and the vison are one, there is one message, expressed by that specific way, which allows to affect most of human senses. Music, as well as substantive (ideal) content of David Hume manifest themselves in visual range by the graphic form as well as motion. There is specific range of movements, colors and shapes which can essentially express musical vibrations, timbres and frequencies or even meanings and methapores. David Hume project derives from eurasian tradition of hermetics and alchemy. In the name of this statement, which we read out as universal metaphor itself, visuals can be treated as something which is expression of external (in this case - music) as well as metaphor carrier (substantive content of David Hume projetct) .

In its musical plane it is based upon the sounds of modern additive digital synthesizer, exploring the borders of its sound as being used in latest trends and genres of music, but setting them in a completely different context. The sound, being an injection rather than expression, evokes a temple, penetralia, astral planes, galaxies...

In its whole the project is a realisation of a certain cosmological, philosophical and emotional idea; the very melancholical and introvertical one. It speaks about the unity of micro- nad macrocosm, unity of reality in all its phenomena. The central and starting point of this is human fate, its analogies to this of the universe as a whole. It refers to many texts - in a broadest sense - of culture, poetry, philisophy, to hermetic ideas.

David Hume is:

derubare – visual artist, director, producer, VJ.

The leitmotif of visuals of his own autorship is the relation between audio and video in the view of sound as a integral part (quality) of matter. It's expressed by group of specific motions in the structure of filters which percolates raw footage combined with animation in cyberpunk aestethics. Derubare collaborates with representatives of post-punk, electronic and avant-garde music such as Fuka Lata, Black Lodge, Zenial, Wilk, Uku and David Hume. Scholar of city of Gdańsk. Member of New Port of Art association since 2008. Projects coordinator, conductor of visual art workshops for children from Gdańsk. Coordinator and coinitiator of audiovisual meeting Share 2.0. Finalist of Tauron Videozone Festival, IN OUT Festival 2012.

α - musician, producer

Treats music as a mean of critics and a carrier of philosophical, poetical ideas, exploring the fields of hermetic and alchemical visions, possibilities and borders of modern electronica sounds and looking for his own voice in terms of cold wave movement.
Also working as culture animator and educator under the auspice of New Port of Art Association (which he co-founded in 2008), passing his interests and experience gained throughout the years of creative work to children and youngsters.
Most prominent works includes soundtrack to interpretative dance theatre Off de Bicz act based upon Marcel Duchamp’s works (which was performed live during several festivals), cold wave EP ‚i-e-a’, which has not yet been published and works with Black Lodge project.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

The set requires:
PA set - all sound will come from stereo output of digital audio interface (1/4” jack);
beamer set in a distance from the scene, enough to light the whole screen behind, and VGA cable long enough to be connected to the source computer set on that scene;
two microphones with stands/wires.

  • AV Performance
  • Live Cinema (Narrative)

Poland Gdańsk


Poland Gdańsk


LPM 2013 Cape Town
LPM 2013 Cape Town
Wednesday, 13 November 2013 | 19:00 > 19:30
Cape Town City Hall | Stage 1 | Cape Town, South Africa

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