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hex/A\ is an audiovisual performance
2.1 ch sound / 1 ch video projection / 1 ch laser projection

hex/A\ is a synchronized audio, video and laser performance. Like a brush of light, the laser enhances the video and the perception that we have of it by its spatial character and spectral purity. The project defends a crossover aesthetic by its approach both minimal, geometric, linked to data and organic, complex, linked to nature. It integrates new ways of performing and avant-garde interfaces specifically programmed for the project.

Long before the manufacturing of the first laser, in 1960 by Theodore Maiman, and when no one apart from a handful of specialists was aware of Einstein's prediction of the phenomenon of stimulated emission (1917), the laser already "exist" for the general public. Many science fiction authors have called to the existence of an overpowered and directive light ray, capable of destroying everything in its path.

In 1898, HG Wells described, in "the war of the worlds", a heat ray prefiguring with impressive acuity our modern lasers. The heat ray is then the incarnation of the absolute weapon. It is therefore not surprising that this all-powerful fantasy, permeating the popular culture of the first half of the last century, led to oversized reactions when the announcement of its practical manufacturing was made to the public. Public opinion ignited for the discovery: the myth-turned-truth made even the most serious scientific commentators of the time lyrical.

The technological prophecies of artists before the 1960s brought out at the same time the retrofuturist trend in which the laser have a special place. Timeless, it arouses in the minds of the spectators an imaginary as much retrofuturistic, nostalgic and reassuring, as futuristic, stimulating and disturbing. Past, present and future at the same time.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

- Video screen is required on stage. It should have the following minimal dimensions: 7 meters width and 4 meters height. Bigger is better ! No translucent cyclo.
- Table for the artist equipment is required on stage. It should have the following minimal dimensions: 100 cm width, 100 cm deep, ~ 110 cm height (Height is very important !). The artist will be on the left part of the stage (from public view), out of the laser field.
- AC power for the artist equipment is required on stage: 2 x 110V or 220V European plug.
- Stage must be secured.

- The video projection needs to be of high quality, carefully aligned, and adjusted (video + laser mapping). The video projection should cover as much of the audienceʼs field of vision as is possible.
- A single channel of HDMI signal is provided from a laptop located on stage, next to the artist.
- The minimal resolution of the video signal is full HD (1920 x 1080).
- Video équipement : High quality video projector capable of accepting HDMI full HD signal, 60 FPS, capable of projecting a bright and clear image over the entire projection area, mounted and lensed appropriately to cover the screen, 10 000 lumens recommended, high contrast (laser technology recommended).
- All cables necessary to route the HDMI signal from the computer to the video projector.

- The laser is provided by the artist : ECS RGB 6W. It satisfies all the CE standards and directives. Certificate of compliance and technical specifications are available.

The laser needs to be :
- Installed as far as possible from the screen (smaller the aperture angle, more effective it is). Ideal
aperture : 20°, maximal aperture : 40°
- Carefully centered in relation to the screen in width and in the axis of the video projector
- Carefully centered in relation to the screen in height. However, it must be installed out of
reach of the public, at least 3 m from the floor, and must be hung in such a way that it cannot be moved under the effect of disturbances such as crowd movements, vibrations.

- RJ45 from the laptop on stage to the laser must be provided by the organizer.

- Fog machine is required. It is a fundamental aspect of the performance because it allow to the laser beam to be visible. Fog must be diffuse and homogeneous.
- Fog have to be present in the venue during setup and performance. One technician have to check the fog quality in the venue during the showtime and controlled the fog quantity if necessary in the order to have a beautiful visibility of the laser beam.

- The performance uses a stereophonic diffusion and requires a powerful and balanced stereophonic sound system that needs to be able to deliver undistorted signal over the whole frequency range from 20Hz - 20 KHz. This system must includes appropriate subwoofers and sound monitors.
- The artist provides 2x channels of audio signal. Audio signal come from a RME Fireface UC soundcard (on stage next to the artist) and are line level analog audio, on balanced 1/4’’ TRS Jack. Audio signal from the soundcard is routed directly to the house mixing board via DI boxes. The organizer have to provide all audio cables necessary including 2x 1/4’’ TRS cable to connect the soundcard to the DI boxes.
- Subwoofers : low-frequency mix of the stereo channels
- Sound monitors.: 2x, on stage
- All audio cables required

What the artists brings

- The laser is provided by the artist : ECS RGB 6W. It satisfies all the CE standards and directives. Certificate of compliance and technical specifications are available.
- It is transported in a Pelicase by train or plane (no overweight and no oversize).
- Setup and use of the laser is ensured by the artist himself because he has a level 3 laser safety training. This training was provided by Laser Conseil and respects all European standards. Certificate of training is available.
- Only laser scanning is done. Laser shot is impossible due to software and hardware securities (Laser scanning: beam emitted in permanent motion. Laser shot: straight and static emitted beam). Laser cannot emit outside the screen because the scan area is controlled by software and hardware securities. So, the setup avoid any specular reflections.
- The setup must not be able to allow the public and any people to be able to be in the scanning field of the beam. Some accesses may be condemned to make sure that people keep out of the laser field. It is possible to use pictograms provided by the artist.
- The laser is controlled from the laptop (on stage) via a DAC Ether Dream. The DAC is connected to the laser with a ILDA cable 0,5 m, provided by the artist, and needs a power supply. The laser signal is sent to the DAC with a network cable (RJ45) that must be provided by the organizer.
- The laser setup needs to be checked directly with the artist in the order to make sure that it will work fine and it will be safe for any people. Please, feel free to contact the artist directly :

Laptop Macbook Pro
Soundcard RME Fireface UC
Controllers Monome 64, Grid and Arc
All USB-C adaptators

  • AV Performance
  • Generative
  • Experimental Electronics


Alex Augier
Alex Augier

France Paris

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