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  • Experimental Electronics
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5 minute toilet performance
from 1 to 2 spectators at a time, in loop for 4 hours
Giuseppe L. Bonifati
Now- more than ever, as an artist, I feel the need to fail and to fall into crisis. The spectator/voyeur (spying or not) is the one, who allows my awareness to gain altitude. The last journey from Central America to Northern Europe gave me further confirmation: people want to be approached, touched and manipulated- almost like in bioenergetic’s practice. So I make the spectators sit- one or more at a time, depending on my wishes and desires. Then I take off the ceremony dress. But suddenly- I am assailed by a thought: ”Where’s the bathroom!?”
I calm down. This time I got locked inside
Pss Pss … ivetotellyousomething … I’m the other side of the coin! The one behind-whole and flat, I’m the mask and the anti-mask of beauty. I’m Axl Rose and Shakira together, I’m a kerosene wick! But… I’m moved by the cat of Hello Kitty …
The crisis is to show how we’re really inside- as artists. With all ours fragilities.
Awareness is perhaps the very fact of being observed or perceived. As such.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

Amplifier + Speajers 500 W or superior
Toilet Room

  • AV Performance
  • Generative
  • Experimental Electronics