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Siliana Crocchianti, dancer, tells her life as mother and daughter through a visual number of great impact, based on the technique of double projection.
A game of colors, shadows, animations, seductive textures, to represent the cycle of life: the story of a woman who generates another.

Siliana Crocchianti has bewitched the jury of Italia's Got Talent with her poetic dance on the theme of motherhood and the cycle of life, between projected images and steps full of harmony, games of colors and sounds. But above all, he convinced Luciana Littizzetto to give her the Golden Buzzer, the prize awarded by one of the jurors that allows the competitor to automatically switch to the next round.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

Stage plan
The stage must allow the projection from the back on a 16: 9 screen of 5 meters base placed on the ground with the projector positioned at 1,10 cm from the ground not less than 1.4 lens (not less than 7 meters based on the size of the projector) .
Front projection instead has not a strict position.
The space must be completely dark.

Technologies needed
1 Rear screen 16:9 5x2,88 m
2 Projectors 1920x1080 min 6,000 lumens
2 Black wings 1x3 m
1 Box to step on 60x40 cm h: 15 cm
1 Sound system

What the artists brings

PC with software for audio and video playout on the two projectors and to the audio mixer 2xHDMI Output 1280x720 1 Minijack

  • AV Performance
  • Video Theatre
  • Electroacoustic



Italy Roma, Bologna, Bergamo, Hungary Budapest

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